The picture above is what HBG1ST first looked like when built in 1977.
First Assembly of God began with revival meetings held in a tent at Sixth and Forrest Streets, conducted by Evangelists Zola T. DePriest and Lillie Underwood in May 1922.  In January 1923, the congregation had its first services in its new building located at 2540 Jefferson Street.
The local congregation became affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God in January 1930.  Following Mrs. DePriest and Mrs. Underwood as pastors were:  Raymond Gordan, Daniel Wilcox, Leon Cooke, James Wright, A. Newton Chase, Anthony Vigna, Leo S. Starner, Carl S. Butler, Joseph L. Pittman, Allan E. Shuttlesworth, Philip Bongiorno, James Morris, Stephen Rhoades and Terry L. Lamer.
On May 3, 1959, the dedication service was held for the edifice at 2447 Green Street.
In June 1972, the Harrisburg areas was hit by Hurricane Agnes.  The Green Street building was inundated with 18-feet of water, which caused $75,000 in damages.  It was then the Official Board made the decision to erect a new building.  The congregation agreed.  In 1974, 10 1/2 acres were purchased on North Progress Avenue in Susquehanna Township.  In October 1976, a groundbreaking service was held and in November, construction began.
Through the years, God has blessed Hbg1st.  Hundreds have been saved, healed, baptized in the Spirit.