There are Sunday School classes available for children of all ages from 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. 
Below is a list of classes offered:
Toddlers (Room #202)
Teacher:  Jen Cadenhead
Lessons are focused on helping kids learn about Jesus and many of the great stories in the Bible.  We use coloring sheets, books, and music to keep them engaged and help them understand what it means to pray and be thankful for God, their families, and friends.
Kindergarten (Room #203)
Teachers:  Kathy & Ron Powell
We use stories from the Bible and the life of Jesus to learn how much God loves us and how he wants us to live and rely on Him in our daily lives.
1st-5th Grades (Room #103)
Teachers:  Barbie & Keith Bryant
We have fun learning about God’s great love for us and how that love is shown all throughout the Bible.
6th-12th Grades (Room #100)
Teacher:  Sandy Wilkerson
Provides solid Biblical teaching at a level the students will enjoy and understand.  The activities keep the teens interested and reinforce the lesson.