Day 1:  Help us surrender to God’s will
Day 2:  Revival across America & Harrisburg

Day 3:  Help us acknowledge the Holy Spirit in everything we do
Day 4:  Salvation for the lost
Day 5:  God’s favor over weekly services
Day 6:  Protection for missionaries and their families
Day 7:  Finances and supernatural provision to fulfill the Great Commission
Day 8:  Fresh vision and willingness to change
Day 9:  Believers become disciples
Day 10:  Church becomes Kingdom minded
Day 11:  The leadership of the church
Day 12:  Government leaders
Day 13:  The Middle East
Day 14:  The unemployed, underemployed, and those in financial difficutly
Day 15:  Unreached people groups
Day 16:  Hurting marriages and families
Day 17. Prisoners and our prison ministry
Day 18:  All of our outreaches
Day 19:  All of our church ministries (Children, Youth, Young Adults, etc.)
Day 20:  Military, EMT’s, Police Officers, and Firefighters
Day 21:  God to bring unity to America