Tuesday Youth Nights
6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
This event is free and open to students in sixth grade through twelfth grade. 
Young adults age 18 – 30 are also welcome to attend.
Room #210 Awaken Young Adults
Play foosball, ping-ping, or air hockey.
Room #207, Room #208, Room #209
Play your favorite video games on the Wii, PS3, and other gaming systems.
Room #105 Youth Lounge
Get a hot dog, slice of pizza, chips, candy, drinks or other snacks for a small charge.
Room #106 Youth Room
Bring your favorite instrument and “jam” out to your favorite tunes. 
There is no open mic. 
This is meant to just learn and share your favorite songs.
Dodgeball, Volleyball, or Basketball